Charity Policy

As UK's largest supplier for floristry supplies, sundries and accessories Easy Florist Supplies are the perfect partner to assist you with your charity fundraising.

Easy Florist Supplies are pleased to offer the following discount 

·         15% discount OFF nett list price for orders over £500  

In return for offering this discount we would request that appropriate inclusion includes​

·         Easy Florist Supplies brochure distribution

·         Advertising in any literature

What to do now?

You will need to first register an account by filling out our online registration form.

Once you have registered your account send us the charity name, registered charity number, type of event and what product you need assistance with. Once we have received this information and it has been verified, we will be able to apply a discount to your order.

All of the above is dependent on the charity and the discount will be applied at our discretion.