Get Started

Our drop shipping service allows you to earn money selling our products, without all of the overheads of carrying stock. 

You can sell Easy Florist products on your website or ebay store and then place the order on our site and have it delivered directly to your customer. 

We will not include any paperwork with your order that identifies us as the supplier, so it will appear as if you have sent the goods yourself. 

We do not charge a fee for our drop shipping service, and it is simple to get setup. 

To get started first list some of our products on your website or in your ebay shop. You can use our pictures, but we recommend rewriting the descriptions in your own words. 

To set your price, simply add your desired markup on top of the price shown on our website. Make sure that you charge the correct delivery charge to your customer as shown in our help desk. 

When you receive an order you simply login to our site and place an order for the goods that you require. When you get to the address stage, enter your customers delivery address and select the option to not send paperwork with your order. This means that no identifying paperwork will be sent to your customer. 

Complete payment in the usual way, with your credit or debit card. 

The order will now be released to our warehouse and dispatched to your customer. 

Dropshipping Update 23rd March 2021: We appreciate your interest but currently we are unable to take on new dropshippers at this point in time. We kindly ask that you do not contact our help desk until autumn 2021.

For full terms and conditions of our drop ship server please see section 8 of our terms and conditions.  Please note that if you decide to use our drop shipping service, then we will only act as a fulfillment merchant on behalf of yourself.  Any communication about the order the order with your customer should be provided by yourself and will not contact your customer unless we need to verify address information.  You must adhere to the Distance Selling Regulations as set out by the office of fair trading and you must make your customer aware of their rights to cancel.  We will not be responsible for any returns outside of our cancelation period as our contract of sale exists between us and yourself, not between us and your customer.